Look up your Compass Card expiration date by entering the 16-digit number (no spaces) found on the bottom right, on the back side of your card.

Enter Compass Card ID:  
Your Compass Card will expire on:

If you have a new Compass Card, please check back in approximately one month to allow time for new card numbers to be added to the database.

Note: If your Compass Card number begins with 0220, you will need a new serial number to access online services. Look up your new serial number online and keep it for future transactions.

Before your current Compass Card expires (or if your card has already expired), visit a Transit Center to transfer your pass balance to a new card. Or, if you prefer to receive a new card by mail, and will not be using your current card for 10 days, call 511 and say “Compass” to speak to a customer service center representative. Please have your current card available when you call.

Did you know?

  • Compass Cards have a limited life and the first cards released in 2009 are beginning to expire. If you see an “expired” notice on platform validators or bus fare boxes, or if your card isn’t being accepted at Ticket Vending Machines, it may be time for a replacement.

  • You can register your Compass Card to protect your pass balance against loss, theft or damage. Call 511 and say “Compass” or fill out a registration form and submit it to SANDAG by fax, e-mail, or mail. Forms are available at the MTS Transit Store and NCTD Customer Service Centers, or can be downloaded: English | Spanish (PDF) or English | Spanish (Word).